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A Bit About Me

 Hi, I'm Caitlin and I'm the designer for SSON. We are a contemporary fashion brand in the early stages. We are all about design with a purpose, that helps women express themselves while also being sustainable and good for our planet.

Natural processes and scientific principles often inform our work, especially how they can relate and influence our views of the human figure. We specialize in taking the complexities that the environment provides and working them into special details of a garment, be they textures or a hidden stitch detail that only the wearer would know about.  There is endless inspiration in the world around us and that’s what we really draw on when deciding what’s next for our customer. Nature is constantly adapting and changing and that is something that is true of fashion as well, it only makes sense to put them together.

 My goal is to create an exclusive form of design that each wearer can adapt in order to freely express their own unique style.

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