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VERDigris is a modernized western story taking place in a world where everything is being reclaimed by fuzzy green moss. The collection looks to the style of the badass women who first broke into rodeo and revamps it for the modern ladies breaking boundaries in their fields today. Beading details and modern lines mix manmade materials with old handworked techniques, like leather tooling, to contrast the sharp angles of modern design with organic, creeping plant life. Plush beds of beaded moss inch their way up over clean and crisp tailored shirts, while silicone details add fun new dimension to classic pieces. The separates of this collection can be combined in a multitude of ways so that each wearer can customize her own look and move through the season with ease. Verdigris acknowledges cowboy culture and claims it for women through new proportions and unique fabrications as a metaphor for the ways women constantly break ground and skew perception the of what is feminine and what is strong.

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